Water Damage

When your home or business suffers Water Damage, water isn’t just the simple H2O combination of oxygen and hydrogen that we have come to know. It begins to take a life of it’s own, and have a personality, if you will. And just like people, some water damage can be downright nasty!

First and foremost, it is important to identify the category of water you are dealing with. Identify the type of water you have with our help here.

We’re quick to the rescue and can often avoid further damage by our fast action. Case in point:

A luxury high rise with 269 units and 24/7 doorman service, unfortunately suffered water damage affecting 3 units in April of 2014. The water damage was caused from a sewage backup out of an overflowing toilet, seriously affecting the units’ structure and creating a biohazard. Professional Restoration arrived at the scene almost immediately, and the trained technicians got to work. Ultimately, the three units were restored.

The process consisted of removing all damaged structural elements, packing out and moving out all furniture and belongings, storing these items, disinfecting the area and removing all dangerous elements, aiding in choosing rebuild materials such as flooring and paint colors, finishing the rebuild, delivering all stored items, and post construction clean up. From start to finish, Professional Restoration was on the job.

And another:

Condominium building that contained 1&2 bedroom SoHo loft style condos with parking and an on-site gym suffered frozen pipes, which ultimately burst in January. Sixteen of the 40 units flooded, as well as common areas in the structure, suffering water damage. Through diligent work and consistent meetings with the condo board and the board president, Professional Restoration was able to effectively restore all 16 units, and begin an entire rebuild. The process of rebuilding is still underway, but moving efficiently due to the great relationship between the property manager, the residents, the board association, and of course, Professional Restoration.