Fire Damage

Whether it’s smoke or fire damage, the remnants of this type of event can be overwhelming.We can help you reset and get back to where you belong.

Cases in point:

If you think the expertise of Professional Restoration ended at the borders of New Jersey, think again. Amid the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, disasters happen on a daily basis. These are not lost to Professional Restoration, a company that is present anywhere they are needed, such as one of our client’s high-rise, situated just steps from Central Park in New York City. This multi-unit building suffered a fire on the 23rd floor in March when an unattended candle got a little too close to a curtain and resulted in damage to 23 units. Professional Restoration boarded up the damaged units, performed cleaning services to the units as well as the common areas and hallways, and removed any lingering smoke damage.

Professional Restoration can service more than just residential properties; small businesses can benefit greatly from our personalized attention to the client, as well as accessibility of important contacts within the company. A childcare center fell victim to a neighboring fire, suffering severe smoke and soot damage, in addition to water damage from the attempts to put out the adjacent burning building. The owner of the childcare center entrusted us with boarding up the windows, cleaning the walls, windows, carpets, and the contents of the building, as well as restoring any structural damage caused by the neighboring fire.