We can perform regular maintenance to avoid potential, significant damage down the road.  Our skilled team can address almost every type of “uh-oh” situation a property owner might face.

Nothing can display the versatile skills of Professional Restoration as well as the work done at this client’s beautiful collection of condos built on an old pier jutting 1,000 feet into the Hudson. These condos, situated close to the river, have the potential to suffer water damage and various issues from storms and rising water levels. Aside from that, the structure also requires regular maintenance services like any other building. Professional Restoration has serviced this condominium by responding to roof repair emergencies and sending a skilled roofer out to make temporary repairs, dispatching a technician to hang in a harness off the pier and re-insulate piping, and more simply, cleaning the trash chutes. Professional Restoration is a company that wears many hats, and can help with more than just restoration. Our connections in the industry and skilled workers give us the ability to respond to almost any situation in a timely manner.